What do you miss most?

It is a question we are asked often. We get it via emails, Skype or FaceTime from friends and family in the states. And we get it from friends here as well.

What do you miss most from America?

Other than family and friends, there is not much that we can think of. We will occasionally have a moment where we miss a food item or a favorite store, or maybe some familiar convenience. But most of these moments are temporary or seasonal.

And such is the case with our latest item that we miss…

We miss having a garage!

Want to know why? Not because we don’t like walking outside to reach the car, or that we miss having climate control. No, it is more about the 30-45 minutes we currently must spend each time we need to leave. Shoveling the driveway and around the car. Brushing the car off. Shoveling under the car. De-icing windows. Thawing the wipers.

Today the snow around the car was knee-deep on me (Jenn). It is quite an adjustment for a couple who’ve spent most of their lives in Georgia!

Here is a picture of our car,
taken a couple of days ago


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