Paris: The Dove 10

Ten things we enjoyed seeing, doing or trying while visiting Paris (in no particular order)…

1. The Eiffel Tower: yeah, that’s a given. We didn’t go to the top. It would have meant many hours standing in line. But we loved seeing it both in the daytime and at night.
2. Champs Élysées/Arc de Triomphe: great shops, nice cafés, good restaurants, excellent people-watching

3. Pastries – we tried so many yummy things! Pains au chocolat, croissant, crepes, waffles, galette, apple strudel, profiteroles, and more. And the window displays were always impressive.




4. Notre Dame – the church was beautiful on the outside (too crowded to go inside) – and we also enjoyed wandering around the little pedestrian streets, with lots of shops, restaurants and cafés


5. Passage Plantin – if you’ve ever seen The Bourne Identity, you likely remember the scene where Jason & Marie drove through the very narrow corridor, and then down stairs (seen HERE). This is where it happened and it was SO. VERY. NARROW. We always enjoy finding little ‘famous’ spots like this.




6. Orangina – the boys fell in love with this drink (okay, we really liked it, too!)
7. The Louvre – the building itself is art. And if nothing else you should see Mona Lisa. BONUS: kids under 18 are free!

8. Small neighborhoods – we liked exploring areas outside of the main part of the city


9. Sacre Coeur – a beautiful church (the inside was beautiful as well, and didn’t take long to go through despite big crowds) sitting on the highest point in the city








10. Disneyland Park Paris – so much fun! Read more HERE


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