Paris: a tradition continues

It has become a vacation tradition that, if there is one in the city we are visiting, we must locate and visit Hard Rock Cafe.

So on Saturday we included the HRC trek in our day’s adventures. While don’t always eat there, we at least stop by and see it. And the boys like to pick out a pin (a tradition they started after their cousins got them hooked on pin collecting at Disney a couple of years ago).
HRC Paris

We grabbed lunch this time around. It was a nice break from lots of walking. And the boys were excited to add one more guitar pin to their collections!

Just for fun, here are a few of the other HRC locations we’ve visited over the years…

HRC Yankee Stadium – 2011
HRC New York City – 2011
Prague, Czech Republic
Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago – 2009
HRC London – 2011
HRC Berlin – 2011
HRC Nassau Bahamas – 2012
HRC Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
ca. 2003 (who are those two babies in the photo?!?!)
Prague, Czech Republic

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