Paris: where we stayed

We don’t require much when it comes to a place to stay on the road. When we travel, we are typically looking for a clean place where we can sleep and shower.

A quick game of cards before breakfast
In the past we’ve often used Priceline when traveling. But we’ve more recently become partial to Airbnb. You can find a place to stay for a good price, in a neighborhood, among the locals and not just a bunch of tourists. We also like that we can rent a whole home/apartment so that we have the bonus of a kitchen. It really saves when you don’t have to go to a restaurant for every meal. We don’t eat in for every meal, but it’s nice to at least start the day without rushing out to find something for breakfast!
The view from our bedroom
(when you lean WAYYYY out the window!)

This time around, we found an apartment in the Belleville neighborhood of Paris. It was old. Like, really old. On the fifth floor. No elevator. Spiral stairs. Squeaky floors. A bathtub that was just the right size… for Daniel. In fact, quite a few things (other than the really high ceilings) were his size!

Everything in the apartment seemed to
be sized for our little man!

But we had a fully stocked kitchen. And it took all of two minutes to walk to the Metro. There was a grocery store about one minute from the front door, as well as a great kebab/doner shop. If you leaned out the bedroom window, you could see the Eiffel Tower. And there was a great view of Sacre Coeur from the kitchen. And Belleville is a very interesting and diverse area!

We highly recommend checking out AirBnB for your next trip.



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