The last piece of the puzzle, and a short update

Next week will be 8 months since we moved to Sandefjord. Yesterday, after many months of waiting and praying, the boys and I finally received our Norwegian personal numbers (kind of like a US social security number). We are relieved to finally have this final piece that really makes us “official!”Summer is definitely over and fall has arrived in our city. It is quite beautiful as the leaves change from summer green to shades of orange and yellow. The weather has cooled off significantly, and we’re seeing a bit more rain than before.

The boys continue to really enjoy school. We had their fall conferences this week and got positive reports for both of them. We discussed their strengths and set some goals that they will work towards over the next few months. I’m really impressed with their teachers and the way that they work with our children on such a personal level.

Zack and I continue to press on with language school. We will have our level 2 language testing soon. October 28 will be the written portion, and then we will take the oral exam on October 30. We are nervous and excited about this next milestone in our journey to fluency!

It’s always fun to get postcards
from friends around the world!
Livingroom Slumber Party!


Celebrating two friends’ birthdays last weekend


Hanging out at the park after church


The boys return from fotball in the park (soccer)


Sometimes you just need to lie down
on the heated tiles in the morning 🙂


Just outside of their school


Celebrating our language teacher’s birthday


Our neighbor’s son celebrated his birthday yesterday,
and brought us some of his cake – YUM!!

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