Our new bathroom

When we found our home, we liked it. Really liked it. Except for one thing.The bathroom.

Some problems were cosmetic, but some were much more. The plumbing was all exposed. The drainage pipes were too small. Everytime we stepped in the shower, I worried someone might fall through the base of it. The floors were cold, uneven, and mismatched. And the toilet. Well, it was in the corner and difficult for anyone over four feet tall to use. I’ll just leave it at that.

But now – all I can say is our landlord spoils us!

Here are a few BEFORE pictures:

Mismatched flooring,
toilet on the short side of the ceiling,
exposed electrical and plumbing
Tiny shower cabinet (too short for tall Zack),
with a drain that was too small and caused


And here are a few ‘after’ photos – looks great, doesn’t it?
An incredibly nice – and large! – shower,
and a great vanity & sink
Panoramic pics always distort things, but you can
see that things look a LOT different!
More lighting (over mirror & overhead),
where we only had one small light before
New toilet, new (much higher capacity) hot water heater,
new walls, new ceiling & floors… new everything!
So glad to have this much-improved room – including
heated floors (important for cold Norwegian winters!)

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