Be it ever so humble…

(Two new posts in one day – be sure to check out the other below this one!)Our first Christmas away from the country we once called home. Away from the traditions we’ve shared since we married in 1998. Away from family. From friends. From our church.

It is definitely different! But we are making the most of it. We’ve seen some beautiful Christmas lights. We attended the big tree lighting party at the mall close to where we live. We went to Grouse Mountain and enjoyed festivities there. We’ve visited the (German) Christmas Market a couple of times. We bought a small tree and the boys have also made a few decorations.

In my mind, this Christmas will likely be referred to in years to come as Limbo Christmas. No longer in the states, but not yet on the continent where we feel God calling us. Most of our belongings in a crate, waiting to be shipped to that continent.

But we are thankful! We have learned our way around this city. We have a really nice apartment and are blessed to have a washer & dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and two full bathrooms. The weather is manageable. We have made some good connections & some friends. We have received cards and packages from family and friends in the states. We have had fun baking cookies and watching Christmas movies with friends here.

We believe different can be a beautiful thing – especially when you are where God wants you to be. No matter where we are this time each year, we rejoice that it is Christmas, and that a little baby was born in a manger, bringing hope and salvation to all who will receive it!

Christmas Tree Lighting Festival


Decorations at a local mall
Enjoying a treat from Tim Hortons


Paper Chain Christmas Trees


William at his first skate lesson


Daniel at his first skate lesson


Vancouver Christmas Market (like a traditional
German Market)


Our retro tree (silver!) and the boys’ Canada stockings


Scandinavian lunch at a Bible study with our new friends
from the local Danish church
One of several care packages we’ve received in the mail –
the timing of their arrival always seems to be perfect
(God is in the details!)


Grinch Crinkle Cookies


Train ride at a local mall


(Jenn’s Nana’s recipe)
Gifts received in the mail – the boys
are anxious to open them!


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