Canadian Halloween

When we arrived in Canada, we didn’t think they would celebrate Halloween. (Okay, it was probably just my own wishful thinking, as I’m not a huge fan!) But we soon found out that it is HUGE here. Tons of people dress up, and tons of people shoot off fireworks. (Having a 19th floor apartment gives you a great view of the fireworks!)

We were invited to our friends’ home where the kids could play games and enjoy candy and other treats. So we managed to find two very inexpensive costumes (total cost @ $6.00). The boys got dressed up. We took them to see Hotel Transylvania (very cute!), dinner at McDonalds, and then on to the party. There were about a dozen kids there and everyone had a great time.

In fact, the boys walked back to the bus stop proclaiming this as the best Halloween ever!

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