Black Bear Scare

We went on our first official family of four camping trip. We told the boys we were going on an adventure, and that is exactly what we got!


We got settled at our campsite. We were the only ones there and the weather was nice: just a bit of sun and around 60 F.

We went for a 5 mile hike at Raven Cliffs. It was a nice walk and the leaves were just beginning to turn.

We got back to camp and had dinner. Then the boys were playing. After a few minutes, William calmly came up to me and said “Mommy, there’s a bear over there.” I laughed, until I followed his gaze. There at the next campsite, about 60 yards away, was a big black bear (probably 300-400 pounds).

I tried to stay calm. Zack told us to head for the car. I took both boys by the hand and we began walking to the car. We waited for Zack. It seemed like forever, but probably about 3 or 4 minutes later he emerged from the woods. The bear had been very uninterested in us, and after Zack threw a couple of things and made a little noise, he retreated across the river.

We debated on leaving, but decided to stay. While my vivid imagination tried to tell me otherwise, we saw nothing further of our large neighbor that night or the next morning.

We had a fun time, and it is definitely a trip we will not soon forget!







One thought on “Black Bear Scare”

  1. That is so funny but scary too. Glad you guys were safe. This is such a beautiful time of year and I'm glad you all got to be outside. We went to Lake Allatoona yesterday and saw a baby copperhead. It was pretty scary too since it was by our feet. Luckily, he/she scurried away and we got to have a neat talk with Audrey about God's creatures. Miss you all!!!

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