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Call it what you will, but we call it one of our favorite countries to visit. Germany is scenic and captivating, full of history and breathtaking landscapes.We are so thankful that traveling between European countries is affordable. Typically the overall travel costs are the same or less than our travels to neighboring states when we lived in the US!

Last week we attended a conference outside of Frankfurt. It was a great time of encouragement and learning – and seeing some friends we were missing a lot!

After our conference, we took a train and spent the weekend with some really special friends in Jena (in former East Germany). While the visit was far too short, we thoroughly enjoyed our time there and hope we can reconnect again soon!


















Our friends invited us to spend a weekend with them at their hytte. A hytte is a mountain cottage/cabin, often shared by a family and passed down over generations.

Our friends’ family hytte is in the Telemark region, just outside of Bø. We had a great time relaxing, hiking, and being tourists.
Here are some pics from a wonderful weekend…




















An Added Blessing on the Road

It just happened that the halfway spot for our drive could easily place us close to several adoptive families that I’ve known through blogs and email for a long time – some for probably 4 or 5 years.
And it worked out that we were able to meet three of those families for dinner last night. What a treat to finally meet people I feel I’ve known for years! I loved seeing our kids together. Honestly, walking into the restaurant and seeing faces you’ve only seen in photos is like a great big celebrity sighting!
Thanks to our sweet friends for taking time out of your weekend to meet up. And thanks for your friendship and prayers!